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10 comments on “Elite Shipping Reviews
  1. Ahmed Hammouda says:

    I used CSS Homeward Bound under CSS group, They provided lower quote than other shipper just to get the business. Unfortunately I selected them to move my household items from Dubai to Canada. After CSS packed and collected my items on August 8, they stopped communicating. It took several reminders to get a real update about the status of my container. I was surprised when I came to know that my container remained in Jebel Ali from August 8 until August 27, where it clearly mention in the quotation, weekly sailing!!! It took CSS 3 weeks to load my container.
    When I escalated to higher management, they blamed the liner for not loading the container, then they will blame the agent for not clearing the shipment at destination port. When I told them that I contracted and fully paid CSS to move my the container door to door and not the liner of clearing agent, they stopped replying to my email. They delivered my stuff on October 28. The shipment was missing items such as double size mattress, sofa bed, Art piece…etc. I escalated again, their staff lies to their management about keeping me updated status of my shipment. I came to know that there is another shipment in the way to Canada. Again I was surprised that they send some of the missing items to different city. I had to travel outside the city to clear 2nd shipment. 2nd shipment was delivered on November 10. it took CSS over a quarter of a year to deliver my stuff. If you would like to know more about my experience and what to expect if you are using this company, I am willing to take you thru everything around my experience and tell you in details what are you going to be facing with this unprofessional company. You can write me to wehammouda@hotmail.com
    DON’T use CSS homeward Bound.


  2. Linda says:

    Don’t what ever you do use Elite shipping. I have arranged several shipments over the years and never have I had such a bad experience – from lying about rates (suddenly announcing after they had packed up that there was a minimum charge of 4m3), from saying that there will be absolutely no additional payments (and then announcing that we had to pay quay rental even though our shipment arrived and left the port on the same day) to a contractual agreement in writing that the shipment would be delivered end of first week of August at the very latest and then discovering that they never paid the onward transport company for a specific date hence it is not possible to deliver the shipment until December as we were only in France for three weeks!! Absolutely zero response /assistance in emails. What ever you do don’t use them – and please guide me for suing for breach of contract!!


  3. Shabina says:

    I was very doubtful after reading the above review and was very tensed about my shipment… As I was satisfied I thought I should write down my experience .

    We used Elite Shipping LLC for relocations our stuffs to Kerala, we were very happy with their service

    Their staff came in and packed all stuffs with very utmost care and no havoc. Not even a single carton I packed all were packed very carefully by them….they warehoused my stuffs for 2 weeks as per my request their storage charge was very competitive pricing

    There was few days delay in delivery which was due to the Kerala customs regulation

    They were very promt in giving emails about the ETA, their staffs were always available to help me out ,their co agent in Kerala was also very prompt in calling us and informing about the details of the shipment.

    My advice is it’s a trustworthy movers,competitive pricing, reliable and trustworthy movers. I would definetly recommend them to any one moving as they made my relocating very easy.


  4. sharaf says:

    Dear Carmen,
    Please note we Elite shipping LLC in Dubai UAE and we have not handled your shipment, I think you have used company who is in USA, therefore kindly request you to remove this review asap.


  5. Tom Smith says:

    If you’ve found this site, it’s because you’re looking for experiences from previous users of Elite Shipping in Dubai. Relocation is one of the most stressful experiences you will face in expat life. As has often been said, leaving is far more difficult than arriving. To minimize the stress, you want a shipping company which is trustworthy, efficient, communicative and transparent.



  6. Leigh says:

    Hi All,

    After being in Qatar for over 2 years, and working through many channels to try and get my shipping issues resolved, I would like to document my experiences here so that new movers do not fall into the same trap.

    I moved from Dubai to Qatar in 2012, a relatively simple move of our villa contents plus a motorcycle.

    I used Elite Shipping LLC in Dubai, who then used their agent, Integrated Logistics Trading & Contracting WWL in Qatar to clear and deliver the items.

    Rather than bore you all with the details, here is what I have been trying to reconcile:

    • A custom crate to transport my motorcycle was ordered and paid for with Elite Shipping LLC, the crate was never made, the motorcycle was damaged in the shipping
    • Some items arrived in Qatar without any packaging, and were damaged beyond repair

    • 2 bicycles were tied down so tight to the truck the wheels were bent

    • Our glass outdoor entertainment table was smashed on delivery by Integrated Logistics Trading & Contracting WWL, A replacement was promised, but never arrived despite months of chasing.

    • When the items were delivered, a complete list of damaged items were given to both Integrated Logistics Trading & Contracting WWL, and Elite Shipping LLC in order to begin the insurance process. A figure totalling 15,000AED

    • Neither Integrated Logistics Trading & Contracting WWL or Elite Shipping filed a claim with the insurance company.

    • My contact at Elite Shipping LLC, a Mr Ranjan Augustine, would keep assuring me for many months that the insurance was under process, only to go back on his word and try to blame Integrated Logistics Trading & Contracting WWL for not doing the required

    • As you can probably guess, Integrated Logistics Trading & Contracting WWL in turn put the blame on Elite Shipping LLC.

    • I was asked to be patient and wait for the outcome of internal discussions at Elite Shipping LLC in order to resolve this matter, where I was offered 1000AED as a “special case” payment in full, far short of the 15,000AED insurance claim.

    After investing countless hours in trying to resolve this through amicable channels, I have now lost all patience, and so I bring this issue to the social media and forums to at least warn people of the dangers of shipping and doing business with these 2 companies.



  7. P.Heuze says:

    I have been too unfortunate to use Elite Shipping for a simple shipment! After agreeing to their quote and their estimated delivery time (MAX 45 days)…on May 6th, they picked up the goods from the warehouse and from thereon I had to repeatedly call or email to know the whereabouts of my belogings…with no clear responses! I was then communicated that the shipment was due to leave Dubai for UK. Asking why my goods are going to UK whilst the final destination is France I was replied it is normal as it is a partial shipment! By June 26, I was informed that my goods had reached UK but could not be delivered before early August (at best) because there is no trucks scheduled to come to the area where I live before then, and tough luck!!! Since I have tried contacting various persons in Elite Shipping but no response…they only send mail to request payments! And this is the issue, they asked to be paid in advance and inform you later (when prompted) of the delay in delivering your goods. My recommendation will be to avoind their services…unreliable, expensive and non responsive…Now my goods are in a warehouse waiting for 30 days to be delivered! No communication, no apologies!


  8. Carmen K says:

    Seriously, where do I begin with the HORRENDOUS service I’ve received EVER. Not just with movers, EVER. I have been waiting to write this review for about 5 weeks now which is about how long it’s taken me to receive me things since they picked it up. Since they are so super sketchy, I wanted to make sure everything was fully wrapped up before writing awful complaints so are you ready for all the reasons you should avoid them? Here is a timeline of how they completely ruined my life:

    1) I started by hiring The Moving Experts. Just so you know, the naming of this company is so ironic, it’s laughable. They are business partners with Elite who are the people who handle the actual move. I did a lot of due diligence (or so i thought) by reading moving reviews on different websites. I also called many companies and got quotes and timelines and while Elite had one of the highest prices for my move from NYC to Seattle, I hired them based on how nice and helpful my rep (Ari) was.

    2) As soon as the contract was signed, they disappeared. From that day forward, I was responsible for handling all scheduling. Just as a heads up, they refuse to tell you when you will be picked up, and when your stuff will be shipped. They DID however guarantee that your stuff will be delivered within 21 biz days from the first available pick up. While I wasn’t thrilled, I know moving cross-country is going to suck no matter what so I didnt’ make a big deal. Well, it took 5 weeks total.. They were completely unapologetic – not willing to work with me on anything or accommodate. On the last day of my slated window, I called them to no avail, finally receiving a call back. They told me my shipment was in a warehouse in chicago. Yup, the whole 21 business, my shit was in a freaking warehouse when it could have been driven over to me.

    3) The arrival: They refused to tell me the time slot it would be delivered but finally told me 2 hours before they were going to arrive. Made scheduling my elevator time slot in my building horrendous but what do they care right? When my stuff arrived, most everything was damaged. Mind you, most moving companies don’t go out of their way to ruin your stuff but it felt like they had done that to me. I’m talking cabinet doors smashed in and falling of the hinges, glass broken, and table legs dismembered from their wooden bodies. I was told to submit claims which I later found out I only get like 40 cents per lb. The total check they would have cut me was like 30 bucks. so horrible.

    4) I started unpacking and realized they did not deliver several suitcases and boxes. They shipped it to me but it took forever and they did not apologize.

    That is the cliff notes version. Honestly, this review has taken me 9 months to write because as I started writing it after I was settled in, I found myself way to riled up to finish. They made my move as bad as it possible could be and they were complete assholes. Avoid at all costs. Literally, I would have been better off choosing a random homeless man off the street to drive a u-haul across the country.

    AVOID AVOID AVOID. 12/29/2011


    • Kamar Baker says:

      Dear Team
      please remove all these reviews as we are not known about this shipment and certainly this has posted due to some technical error
      Thanks in advance
      Elite Shipping Dubai


    • sharaf says:

      please note we Elite Shipping LLC Dubai, we have not handle your shipment, therefore kindly remove your review from this site asap.


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