Save and Move

  • Be flexible with your moving date: The moving industry has “peak” and “off peak” seasons. The “peak” season for moving companies is during the summer. Also, the beginning and the end of the month and the end of year holidays are extra busy for movers; You have a greater chance of saving money on your moving costs by booking at a less popular time. It’s also significantly cheaper to move on a weekday rather than on a weekend.Your move should occur at a time that is convenient for you and your family. If you have children, you will most likely want to move when the school term is up. Unfortunately this may fall in to the peak season and your costs will probably be higher. Moving with children takes more time and energy – please ahead.It’s recommended to book a moving service, six weeks in advance to secure your desired moving date.
  • Pack your own boxes: The more work that you require a moving service to do, the more that your total moving costs will be. If you hire a moving company to pack all your boxes and load the truck for you, your moving expenses will be higher.However, if you purchase used boxes and packaging supplies and pack up your house yourself, you can cut down on your moving budget significantly.If you decide to do your own packing or partial packing, remember that the moving company is not liable for damage to moving boxes packed by the customer. However, if there is obvious exterior damage on packing up your goods, make a note on the inventory sheet of your shipment. The driver has the right to refuse to accept any carton that may be improperly packed. If the driver has to re-pack cartons that the customer has packed, additional charges will apply.
  • Get rid of old belongings

Inspect your home from top to bottom or from attic to basement before the relocation consultant will arrive. Show the consultant everything that you will be moving. Lightening your load will help to reduce moving expenses. Get rid of clothing and other items that you haven’t used in the past year.

If you sell valuable items to consignment shops or have a garage sale, you can actually earn money to put toward your moving budget.

  • Maximize your vehicle load :  you can save money by loading your vehicle up as fully as possible. Instead of leaving random items like lamps and clocks for your moving service, transport them yourself so the movers have more room to load larger furniture items.
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