Emergency Pack

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Disasters happen anytime and anywhere. And when disaster strikes, you may not have much time to respond.

At a minimum, have the basic supplies listed below. Keep supplies in an easy­to­carry emergency preparedness kit that you can use at home or take with you in case you must evacuate.

  •  First aid manual
  • Go-Bag
  1. Warm blankets/survival blanketsFood/bottled water (enough for three days)Multi­purpose tool
  2. Flashlights and extra batteries
  3. Whistle
  4.  Soap, liquid detergent
  5.  Feminine supplies
  6. Toothbrush and toothpaste
  7. Extra keys to your house and vehicle
  •  Important papers
  1. Wills/powers of attorney
  2. Insurance policies
  3. Credit card numbers and expiry dates
  4. Citizenship papers/passports/
  5. birth and marriage certificates
  6. Mortgage and other
  7. loan information
  8. Social insurance numbers
  9. Eye glass/contact lens prescriptions
  10. Medication identification numbers
  11. Cheques and money
  12. Doctor’s name and contact information
  13. in case of emergency treatment
  14. Contact list with emergency
  15. phone numbers
  16. Driver’s licence number
  17. Health card numbers
  18. Copy of driver’s license
  19. Bank account numbers
  20. Contact information for power, light, gas or other utility companies

Update your emergency preparedness kit regularly.

Make sure everyone knows where to find your disaster supply kit and Go-bags.

Determine the best escape routes from your home.

Try to identify two escape routes.Locate the gas main and other utilitiesand

make sure family members know when and how to turn them off.Teach each member of your family how to use a fire extinguisher.

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