How Can I Select A Professional Mover

Today, there are hundreds of moving companies in UAE , but only few are the professional packing and shipping service providers . anyone who got a truck acting as a mover with a couple of illegal laborers.
When there are good competitors it is very healthy for the price and quality. At the same time if there are bad competition then people suffer.
We have done a survey on how the cheap companies reduce their cost? and discovered the frightening facts-
1. They pick up the corrugated boxes from the dustbin
2. Collect the thrown and dumped news papers and pack the kitchen utensils
3. They use cheap laborers who don’t wash their cloths nor take shower
4. Use open trucks which may not have proper insurance
5. Laborers may be layman and unprofessional who may not have even the residency
6. Most cases they don’t have an office or license to operate

  • There are Internationally and locally reputed companies which you can understand by few ways

1. Search their name in Google and get the review
2. Ask their license copy
3. Make sure they got covered trucks which got insurance
4. Are they going to use all quality and new packing materials.
5. Call their office and check whether they have an office or is it diverted to a mobile
6. Check the labor cards of the crew… are all from the same company
7. Do they come with uniform (neat and clean)

  • How do you respond if you are cheated by a fraud mover?

1. Discus with the management of the company (if there is one)
2. Revive your moving experience
3. Complaint to the authorities
4. Let you friends know about your bad experience

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