International Movers- British Columbia (Canada)

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A to B Moving
Accent Moving & Storage
Action Movers
Alberta Moving Lines
AMS Transportation Services Inc.
Arctic Van Lines
Atlantic Van Lines
BC Alberta Movers
Bekins Moving and Storage Ltd
Best Choice Moving & Storage
Budget City Movers
Buhlers Moving & Storage
Canadian Moving Lines
Cloverdale Moving
Cratex Group
Crescent Moving & Storage
Ever Movers
Great Canadian Van Lines
Great Dane Moving
Green’s Moving Solutions
GSSK Movers International
Homeland Moving and Logistic Services
IML Freight Services
JBA Moving
Kelowna Packers & Cleaners
Kingsway Van Lines Inc
Kootenai Moving
LaPorte Moving & Storage
Movers Alliance Management
Pacific West Van Lines
Pioneer Moving & Storage Ltd.
Purely Canadian Movers
Quality Move Management
Real Canada Wide Moving Services Inc.
Red Carpet Moving & Storage
River City Movers
Royal Van Lines
Starving Students Moving
Stressless Greater Movers
Trillium Moving & Storage Services
Troy Transportation Moving and Storage
Vancouver Movers
Vega Line Moving and Storage Services Inc.
Vincent Moving
Westcan Moving Systems
WMovers inc.


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One comment on “International Movers- British Columbia (Canada)
  1. Krystin says:

    JBA Moving provided the worst moving experience I could imagine. Despite multiple conversations confirming a certain moving time, my boxes were dropped off at my new place before I even had the keys to the apartment. My boxes had been opened and rummaged through and my jewellery was missing. I also received boxes that were not mine, and some of my boxes were delivered to a different city altogether. One of the boxes included banking and tax information, putting me at risk for identity fraud. Jason put me in touch with the rightful owner of the mystery boxes I received and he asked me to send the boxes to them by UPS and that he would reimburse me if I sent him the receipt. He paid me lip service a few times and then just stopped answering my calls altogether and never paid me back for delivering those boxes on HIS behalf. He also refused to pay the person who received my boxes to get my boxes back to me.

    The movers demanded cash – and MORE than I had been quoted – but, since I was in a different city (due to them arriving half a day early), I paid the balance by e-transfer. This is lucky since I am being reassessed by the CRA for these moving expenses and they refuse to provide me with an invoice or receipt (likely to try to avoid being sued).

    So in short, they stole my jewellery, delivered some of my boxes to a different city (which included personal information and puts me at risk for identity theft), delivered boxes to me that didn’t belong to me and then scammed me into couriering the boxes on their behalf (failing to ever pay me back), and refused to provide me with a receipt or invoice which may cause me to have to repay costs to the CRA that I should not have to pay. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!


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