Shipping Electrical Equipment’s to Canada


Moving to Canada …..Congratulations !!!  Your Moving Journey begins now …

Before you ship your goods to Canada , You have segregate the things you want ship and gave away .

Electrical Equipment’s 

  • Your equipment may or may not be compatible with the line voltage and frequency in Canada. Specially  Electronics and Electrical  item which is not universal   .Most Asian countries are using 220/230 Volts and The public power supply in Canada is 120 Volts, 60 Hz.

These are the main Electrical outlet plugs use in Canada.

canada plugelectricity-tiles-type-A-200-px

  • If your equipment is well-matched with the Canada line voltage and frequency,then You will need a Universal Plug Adaptor in order to plug in . 


Take your small appliances like Laptop ,Computer etc these may work with an adaptor ,  Sell your Heavy equipment’s like Washing Machine, Cooking Range ,Microwave Oven , Hair dryer ..Same system may not work in Canada .


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