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 Roshan Withanage  –July 16, 2014 at 4:23 amThis is about the Galaxy Movers in experience is worse than that of Ms.Lynnette Le Grange. I handed over the shipment to them 25th May 2014 to move to Australia, since then the shipment moved up to Jebel Ali only, and now these guys are no where to be found. Please read my email to the main website who provided the contact of these thieves. But I will not give this up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi Roshan,

We also were ripped off by these people on June 4th for 2 shipments bound for the US. Have you received any information regarding the proprieters of the business? 3 partners and the main Qatari partner is Mohammad Abdullah P. Al Thani and a man named Shishul stole the cash and supposedly left Qatar. The other people that work there are now under a travel ban according to my contacts in Qatar. Galaxy Movers have over QR500,000 in outstanding payments for shippments in Jebal Ali port. Please let me know if you have any information. We need a picture of Shishul to circulate. I have pictures of the movers that I am willing to circulate on any forum that would be able to help our cause.


Uday Nagaonkar August 6, 2014 at 2:08 pm

 I gave my household effects in Qatar for transportation to Australia on the 7th of April 2014 to ‘Galaxy movers. My  cargo was supposed to reach in 60 days and its more than 120 days and I haven’t received my Cargo yet. Incidentally ‘Galaxy movers’ sublet my Cargo to a company in Dubai and they in turn sent it to Australia.’Galaxy movers’, it seems, has not paid money to  this Dubai company and so the Dubai company has held my Cargo in Australia. My Cargo is lying in a warehouse in Australia with the Australian agents working with the Dubai company and wont release it till they get clearance from Dubai company to do so. ‘Galaxy movers’ are not reachable anymore on all their phone numbers nor are they replying back to emails.

 Roshan Withanage says:

Dear Uday, Sorry to hear about this. You all must me suffering a lot without your stuff specially during the winter.

We too face the same with regard to communication with these guys.

I with my family came to my country after handing over my stuff to Galaxy Movers and were planning to move to Australia on 22nd July but we had to postpone the date to 30th and now to 14th Aug after realising they are cheating us. I am still not sure whether we will be able travel on 14th too. My kids are missing the schools to since April 2014. Now the issue in my case is worse than your case. They have sent my cargo only to Dubai and they went missing without giving the original documents which cause that no one including me can clear the cargo from the Dubai custom. We have to clear the cargo from Dubai custom because they consigned my cargo only to Dubai but not to Sydney and that made the onward move further difficult. They also did not consign my cargo to me but to some other company in Dubai (i.e. Tusk Int’l) who is also in danger facing been black listed because they cannot clear these shipments. One officer of that company mentioned two shipments came to Dubai with similar issue that of mine. Is it the same company who involved in Dubai for your company? About when your cargo was there Dubai and when it has left Dubai.

About ten of my friends and one of my cousin are still following up/searching for these guys in Doha and in the meantime since I haven’t gone that far I have decided to turn around and go back to Doha to sort this out. I am arranging the visa at the moment. I thought its only me whom been cheated by this team of crooks and didn’t know they have cheated more people. If you provide me some more info with regard to your cargo and yourself, it may be useful for both you and me, if I will get the visa to go there. Last week one of them had started answering the phone has mentioned that they will sort out ALL issues by 12th this August so to wait. I am not sure whether they are going to runaway completely by that day 😦 .

And isn’t there in Australia a way to sue these guys/Company in Qatar for doing this? Now in your case there will be high demurrages for delay. To be frank if I had been in your situation I would have paid and cleared the shipment because its almost at your door step and DEAL THOSE GUYS in a different way.

if you don’t mind provide me your info such as contact in Australia etc apart from info wrt to cargo.

Keep in touch


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2 comments on “Galaxy Movers Qatar Reviews
  1. Sherif El Bialy says:

    My name is Sherif El Bialy. Galaxy mover packed my stuff in Mid April 2014 for a door to door serves to Virginia USA. I never received my stuff and the company seems to be not functioning anymore. I heard from someone who used to work with them (Mohamed Ibrahim) that my household were sent to a company in Dubai called Tusk International. No paperwork and nothing to prove that my stuff is really there. I will file a police report through a power of attorney I did for a friend in Doha.


  2. Mohhammed Ibrahim says:

    I got scammed just like you guys i had these guys take my household items to the USA on the month of may when i arrived to the US i never got them i tried calling them but nobody answers i have paid the full amount and there gone cant get a hold of anybody I came back to Doha and let the police Know what has happened. They said they were investigating with there company. Please if anybody can help me get my household items back. Please if you are in Doha lets search for these guys. i thought it was only me that got scammed!!!!!!!!!! These people are crooks.


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