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P.O. Box 233246, Dubai, U.A.E.

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4 comments on “Tethys Logistics Reviews
  1. Mike says:

    DO NOT! Use these guys, shipped my vehicle though a company in the U.S. when it got to the prot in UAE these idiots filled out the paper work as if my car was a 2014 BMW M3. That would have been nice if it was but seeing how it was a 2005 and ALL the paperwork that came with the car said that I had to pay 5times the amount at customs and had even more problems trying to registar it becuase of that. I brought it up to this company and they said. well that means we have to do the paperwork over. IT WAS YOUR MISTAKE. SO OF COURSE YOU WILL. They didn’t and to get my vehicle was a pain in the ass.


  2. Ken says:

    I do not know how this Tethys logistics came in to my life…. I have never used them but as I have imported my car from Europe but that guy placed his companies name in my B/L since I didn’t have any address in Dubai – but to collect the delivery order from the Shipping line instead of AED 350 he charged me a huge amount. then clearing , handling and inspection etc… even if I sell my car I cannot recover the amount of money he charged me. its nothing but a rip off… guys its my recommendation never ever use such companies. I have informed the European company. I run short of time but I will make sure that I go to the consumer protection in Department of Economics…


  3. Stanley says:

    Hello there. don’t ever use Tethys Logistics Transportation LLC in Dubai for any of your car shipping needs… they don’t do a proper job. they will just rip off you. a bunch of thieves siting there. it is better to pay few hundred Dirhams more and get a proper service from one of the best companies in Dubai


  4. Henry says:

    I would strongly advice never use Tethys Logistics Dubai for any of your shipping needs… a guy from 18th century Mr. Singh is running the business the way he promise would sound like American president’s promise. but ultimately promises lies as promises. this guy will never fulfill whatever he promises. I have send a car through him… my God all together it was a nightmare.


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