Leader Relocations Reviews

What is your experience with Leader Relocations ? can you tell the world about your domestic relocation experience… how great the service was or how bad the service was?

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4 comments on “Leader Relocations Reviews
  1. Dana El Khalili says:

    I should have posted this much earlier but got busy with the current situation. Just wanted to warn those approaching relocation companies that I had a disastrous experience with Leader Relocations. They gave me the lowest quote at the time and seemed professional enough. I was moving for good to Lisbon from Dubai at the time and took with me only my cherished possessions but no furniture. Half my stuff arrived smashed to pieces and mainly the kitchen stuff that they packed and I paid them for that packing! The stuff I packed mostly made it because I packed them in hard plastic boxes. Out of 10 plastic boxes only 4 survived. The rest were smashed too! I don’t want to make this post too long but thought I should warn everyone. I have pictures of all my stuff, how they arrived, how they didn’t even have fragile stickers on the breakable items that they packed and all the email communication! I’m happy to share details or photos with anyone who wants to. Mind you, I contacted them so they bear responsibility for their poor handling but they weren’t interested to cooperate. Please stay away if you value the stuff you’re moving!


  2. J says:

    Beware of leaders relocation company and their agent in UK . they have not fullfilled their obligations to us as per our agreement and they did not do anything to resolve the issue.


  3. renard thony says:

    Have you been pay to say that???? their have move my furniture only from Dubai to Muscat and it was a real nightmare. Phone call in the middle of the night because the lost the PIN that allow them to pass the boarder. And when their reach my furniture are in pieces!!!!!! And because i did not purchase their insurances as per them it is okay to hang over damage furniture. Home cinema broken, sofa missing screws, cupboard scratch, shoes cupboard broken, etc the list for the rubbish job is long…… Good luck to the people that still go for this company.
    Don’t hesitate to contact me if you are not sure: renardthony.rt@gmail.com


  4. James Turner says:

    I used Leader to ship my personal effects to UK and I must say I am very impressed with them! Excellent packing quality and customer service. Their agent in UK too were excellent. I have already recommended them to several of my university co-workers.


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