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Quatar -ADD

Country              California

Capital               Sacramento

Currency            US Dollar

Population           38.8 million

Language             English

What is the distance from Doha to Sacramento by air?

12912.9 Kilometers by air

What is flying time from Doha to Sacramento?

Approximate travel time from Doha, QATAR to Sacramento, is 16 hrs, 40 mins

What are the air cargo rates from Doha to Sacramento?

There are more than 10 airlines offering cargo rates from Doha to Sacramento, the cheapest is

US$ 10 to US$ 15 per Kg subject to the surcharges and local charges at both the ends.

What is the Sea distance from Doha to Sacramento?

11002 Nautical Mile

What is the transit time for a sea cargo from Doha to Sacramento?

It will take 20 – 30 days from Doha to Sacramento by sea

What are the sea cargo rates from Doha to Sacramento?

Sea cargo has both LCL & FCL service, LCL rates ranging from US$ 25 to US$ 35, but for a

container it could be US$ 300 to US$ 400 depends on the liners, however there’s going to be

local charges such as B/L Handling, Docs and Export Declaration. Also, there will be destination,

locals and customs clearing applicable.

The Qatar remains a popular touring destination for many Californians, moreover a lot of

expatriates migrate to Sacramento from Qatar. However, there are hundreds of families and

individuals who relocate to Sacramento every year. Though Doha has a lot of professional

movers; all companies cannot offer the world class service to relocate to Sacramento. Here at

Movers World, we have listed top 10 International movers who are able to provide the most

competitive moving cost for moving from Doha to Sacramento.  We offer the best packing

service, crating, palletizing, stretch wrapping, shrink wrapping, and shipping of full container

load, LCL shipments, groupage shipping, Cargo service and air cargo service.

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