Cargo from Doha to Spain

Qatar -ADD

International Airports in Spain            

Name of the Airport                 3 Letter Code                               Distance from Doha
Madrid Airport                                         MAD                                    4442 Miles
Barcelona Airport                                   BCN                                      4085 Miles
Palma de Mallorca Airport                     PMI                                     4251  Miles


Airlines Operating from Doha to Spain

  1. Saudi Arabian Air
  2. Egypt Air
  3. Emirates Airlines
  4. Turkish Airlines
  5. Qatar Airways
  6. British Airlines
  7. Royal Air Maroc

Freighters Operating from Doha to Spain

  1. DHL
  2. TNT
  3. FedEx
  4. Turkish Airlines
  5. Qatar Airways

 How to send an Excess Baggage from Doha to Spain?

You may login to and fill up the short form, up to 6 cargo agents in Doha will send you the best quotes for your shipment from Doha to Spain

What is the minimum weight of the cargo? 

The minimum weight of the express cargo from Doha to Spain is 45 Kg.

What are the Items I can send as Personal Effects to Spain?

 You can send: Your Personal belongings like clothes, Dry Food, electronics, Electrical appliances, Furniture, books, shoes, utensils, crockery and all that a person uses normally

What are the Items I cannot send as personal effects?

 You cannot send liquids, Alcohol, Medicines, Drugs, weapons, Explosive goods, and gases, Corrosive, Toxic and Citrates

Do I have to pay Duty or Taxes for my personal Effects at Spain?

No, normally personal effects and household goods are free from import taxes and duties

What is the transit time of an Express Cargo from Doha to Spain?

Normally it is 6 hours, 50 minutes transit time; however the cargo services will take 2 to 3 days for a door to door cargo from Doha to Spain

Can someone Pack my personal effects while I am shipping from Doha to Spain?

Yes, our agents can do the professional packing; they might charge you for the packing

Will my cargo be insured when I send from Doha to Spain?

Yes, your cargo will be insured during the transit from Doha to Spain.

What are the documents I must have to send a cargo from Doha to Spain?

  1. Passport Copy
  2. Visa page (if you are an expatriate)
  3. Doha local address
  4. Spain address with postal code
  5. Contact Number


We hope you are satisfied with all the information given above to send your cargo from Doha to Spain.




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