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One comment on “ASIA
  1. Dania Syrén says:

    A warning to all businesses and private persons who plan to move from or to the UAE and specifically Dubai: BE WARE and never use Dispatch Freight Broker LLC. (

    We used Dispatch when moving from Dubai to Sweden in February 2016, and we lost very valuable and sentimental items. Dispatch has since refused to pay the insurance value even though insurance was added to the contract.
    The items were damaged because Dispatch neglected to apply fragile tape to the boxes! Huge chunks were missing from our dining-chairs, and our dining-table came without legs! My husband’s professional server also arrived dented with parts that had gone lose inside (colliding with other parts throughout the journay).

    When we reported the damages for compensation, the Dispatch agent first blamed us for the damages! When that didn’t work, she blamed the subcontracted company (UPS) in which they themselves had hired to deliver our belongings within Sweden. When that didn’t work, she stopped answering her phone and emails alltogether.
    To top it all up, the paperwork in which they submitted to Swedish Customs was not even filled in correctly! As a result, Swedish customs sent us an ADDITIONAL bill of 7362 Euros! We were thankfully able to resolve the issue with Swedish Customs, but the handeling fee cost an additional 200 Euros.

    Even though they charged by kilograms, our bill reached 3150 Euros for the transportation AND INSURANCE of 17 pieces that weighed only 605 kg, which was not on the cheap side! But we ended up losing our items anyway! Our dining table and chairs were a beautiful and expensive gift from my late parents! My husband’s server was built for professional use (he is a network administrator). Dispatch had even signed off on a list containing the used cost of all the items they handled for insurance, but that didnt even matter.
    So to sum it up, we paid 3150 Eorus only to LOSE the items which cost a total of 8600 Euros because we decided to employ Dispatch. AVOID DISPATCH whatever it takes! You are better off throwing your items into the sea or better yet donating them to charity!

    #DispatchFreightBroker #Dubai #2016 #movers #moving #review #packers #relocate #UAE


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