Moving Companies in Qatar

Cargo Agents/Freight Forwarders


1.    Agape International Logistics WLL –
2.    Agility Logistics –
3.    Airlink International Qatar WLL –
4.    Al Jaber International Cargo – marketing@jic-cargo
5.    Al Mana Freight Services WLL – 
6.    Almoayyed Agil Freight Logistics WLL –
7.    Arshiya Logistics WLL –
8.    Asian Logistics & Shipping Agency – 
9.    Astran Cargo Services Ltd –
10.  Austin Shipping Projects & Logistical Services LLC – sales.qatar@austingroup-me
11.  BCC Logistics –
12.  BDP International Qatar WLL – 
13.  Bin Yousef Cargo Express WLL – 
14.  Bridgeway Transport and Logistic – 
15.  Century Aero Trans Qatar – 
16.  Ceva Logistics Qatar WLL – 
17.  Compass Ocean Logistics –
18.  deugro Qatar LLC – 
19.  Direct Freight Solutions – 
20.  Doha International Cargo & Services  –
21.  Doha Star Logistics Company (DSL) WLL – 
22.  DOT Smart Logistics – 
23.  E2E Global Lines (Q) Packers & Movers WLL  – 
24.  Evolution Logistics Services –
25.  Experts Logistic Services WLL –
26.  Freight Systems Co Ltd  –
27.  Geo World Shipping & Transport WLL –
28.  Global Dynamix WLL – 
29.  Global Shipping Service – 
30.  GlobCon Logistics – 
31.  Golden Global Logisitcs LLC – 
32.  Gulf Cargo Services –
33.  Gulf Warehousing Company QSC –
34.  Integra International Logistics Company –
35.  Integrated Logistics Trading & Contracting WLL – 
36.  Intergroup Shipping WLL (IGS Qatar) – 
37.  Intermodal Shipping Services Co WLL – 
38.  International Maritime WLL – 
39.  JSL Global – 
40.  Kanoo Shipping Services Qatar Ltd – 
41.  KDM Global Logistics – 
42.  KGL Logistics – 
43.  LANS Global Logistics WLL –
44.  Links Shipping Company – 
45.  Marina Logistics – 
46.  Max Logistics & Shipping WLL – 
47.  MEBS International – 
48.  Neutron Trading and Transporting Co WLL  –
49.  NGL Noble GLobal Logistics – 
50.  North Ocean Company WLL – 
51.  Paragon Shipping & Logistics WLL – 
52.  Planet Cargo Services WLL – 
53.  Prime Logistics WL – 
54.  Qatar Logistics WLL – 
55.  QNT Cargo – 
56.  Rand Global International Logistics Company –
57.  RIGHTWAY Freight Services Co WLL –
58.  Seko Global Logistics –
59.  Sharaf Logistics –
60.  Target Logistics Qatar WLL – 
61.  Tokyo Freight Services Co WLL – 
62.  Unitek Logistics Services –
63.  Western Gulf Agency – 
64.  Westport Shipping Services WLL –
65.  Wilhelmsen Ships Service (Qatar) – 
65.  Writer Relocations (Qatar) –

Once you have decided to relocate  to Qatar, one of the major aspects to consider is packing, Crating, transportation, storage, documentation and shipping.

  • Does anyone know any good moving companies in Doha?
  • has anyone got any more recent experiences with moving locally? A reliable and not expensive service?
  • I am sending my household stuff by sea to Doha port and looking for some company which can help me in custom clearance and moving my stuff at my home in doha from doha port.Can anybody please advise me some names or moving companies who can do this for me.?

Moving reviews  is a quick and simple way to help web users find, compare and choose the right quote from various removal companies within Qatar.

“Moving Companies in Qatar “lists International Moving companies in Qatar freight forwarders and shipping companies that handle personal effects and household goods effects in and out of Qatar.  provide a detailed information about Movers in Qatar .

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5 comments on “Moving Companies in Qatar
  1. Andrew says:

    Yes used GGL (Golden Globe Logistics) and the amount of stress and headaches they gave me is unbelievable. They’re quick in taking your money, they undercut larger competitors but waiting times are just ridiculous. Client care is nonexistent you get to deal with arrogant and cocky sri lankans who forget you are paying them for a service and you expect your goods to be delivered quickly and without a zillion phone calls, additional charges etc. Do not use them. My advice, pay the extra buck and go with one of the big companies – they don’t charge you more for nothing, at least the big movers are accountable and there will be a head office in Europe where you could complain. 5 weeks and my shipment has still not been released from Doha customs. Nightmare. Stay well clear of GGL.


  2. Joe Semos says:

    Don’t use CCU Logistics, Doha on Airport Road, they are thieving criminals from Sri Lanka.

    They came on September 4th 2013 to pick up all my possessions, including personal items from my father, took full payment. Told me I would have it shipped to me in Dubai on September 20th. They stole my money, and stole all my possessions, they refused to reply to emails, phone calls, SMS.

    You use this company, their managing director, Abdul Mohammed will sell your possessions 2nd hand. He is a criminal, many receiving agents in UAE want this man in jail. 19 other people have had similar experience.


    • Mayrel says:

      Please DO NOT USE AGAPE INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS. It extremely unreliable. They say it takes3-5 days but I took 7 WEEKS from DOHA to DUBAI which most of you know its a 45 minutes flight!!!! the owner Mr. DOESNT WANT TO SAY HIS NAME, its extremely RUDE, UNAPOLOGETIC and a LIAR most of the time doesnt answer the phone and has inepts working for him who are also LIARS!!!!!!! I hate doing this but AGAPE INTERNATIONAL LOGGISTICS made me wait all this time on an empty apartment with no clothes for 7 weeks! When I asked for my money back he said no and stopped taking my calls. PLEASE BEWARE!!
      This is the site DO NOT USE THEM


  3. Anonymous says:

    I have sent my household effects from Qatar to Abu Dhabi by using Al Mana Shipping in Doha Mr. Shafil promised me an excellent job, but turned to be nightmare. they did not even ship my goods until I called and begged many days…. there was guy who is supposed be the managed Mr. Illyas never shown any integrity to what he promised! I suggest to the movers don’t ever get in to these guys for your move!



    • Michael Kane says:

      Michael Kane
      CCU Logistics? This company are the lowest form of life. They transport your kit but dont pay the sub-contracted shippers. This means in my case there was no Bill of Landing issued. It meant I had to pay double to get my goods released. They also did not prepare the correct paperwork which means I have customs clearance problems. Mr Samsudeen is a rogue liar cheat and thoroughly dishonest. Run a mile from this lot!


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