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5 comments on “Singapore
  1. Warning! says:

    Kraton Movers. DO NOT USE!!!

    We booked Kraton Movers for our apartment move within Singapore. We had several conversations, and even requested from them to confirm the moving details several times, prior our scheduled move. On the day, it was a No Show. Our contact Junior, never replied our several messages or phone calls.


  2. xiaolihai Squeeker says:

    I would NOT recommend them to anyone else. We initially went with them because they provided us with competitive costs, but in retrospect all the hidden costs added up.

    On moving day the packers were great in preparing our things and it happened quite quickly and smoothly. I had one cupboard designated as a “No Pack Zone” and after they had left discovered a red envelope with RMB1000 I had left in there as a gift for my Ayi was missing.

    Filed a complaint with Asian Tigers who said they would unpack our things and look for it in case it had been packed accidentally but never head back about the resolution of it nor was I compensated for the incident.

    Upon arriving in London, they wanted to charge us extra for flats above the 2nd floor and for Saturday/Sunday delivery (never told about this back in Shanghai).

    On scheduled day of delivery (Monday) snow had fallen the night before and the delivery truck was in front of our flat but refused to unpack our things (understandable as it was icy and slippery) and returned to the warehouse.

    Items arrive and are unpacked the following day with a large framed poster broken.

    We receive an email a month later saying that we would be billed an additional GBP300 for “diversion of the container to our warehouse, the
    delivery cancellation fee and the redelivery charge from warehouse”

    We did not cancel the delivery on the day-of. We waited around all day for them to decide and figure out what to do. We’ve responded and asked them to show where on our original contract it says who should bear costs due to delay/cancellation because of weather.

    Overall, a real hassle to deal with them. Hope no one else experiences the same.

    Beh 😡

    Just thought I’d share it with everyone here.


  3. Cheers says:

    I used Asian Tigers Malaysia to manage my move from Malaysia to Chile.
    I am very unhappy with their services: very long delays (more than one month over the initial plan), no communication (they didn’t respond to emails, on the phone..), very bad communication with the local chilean company and very high OVERCHARGE.
    They made me pay at the end an extra 60% on top of what I had paid (and that was supposed to include more or less everything). I had to pay if not I wouldn’t have gotten all my stuff.
    They still own me money (that they agreed on) but I never heard from then since.
    They are really a bunch of THIEVES!!!
    I so not recommend them (see How I’m still upset a year later?!).


  4. Ahmed says:

    Recently I relocated from Singapore to Doha , I contacted a number of removal companies and they all quoted different rates, because of the talk I have decided to engage Relocasia.

    I can’t say that they were not good, but after the transit we have to wait many days in Doha for our cargo and their Doha counterpart was extremely bad guys. and Relocasia did not even respond to our calls and didn’t give me a proper answer. it is not worth.


  5. Steev Tai says:

    We are planing to move from Singapore to Brisbane Australia, can anyone suggest two or three good international movers in Singapore


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