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1st Choice Movers Worldwide Ltd Woodham Mortimer, Essex United Kingdom
360 Relocations Ltd. Watford, Hertfordshire United Kingdo
5 Star Removals Rothwell, Northamptonshire United Kingdom
A & L MOVERS   Erith United Kingdom
A & P Removals Brighton, East Sussex United Kingdom
A & S G James International High Wycombe, United Kingdom
A B Castle Removals & Storage Sheffield, Yorkshire United Kingdom
A E Corkill (Removals) Ltd Douglas, IOM United Kingdom
A H Tripp & Son Ltd Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire United Kingdom
A Hobday Removals Ltd Bromsgrove Herefordshire United Kingdom
A To B Moving Ltd Victory, MIDDLESEX United Kingdom
Secpac global Ltd London United Kingdom
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  1. Leo says:


    We used Pearson and want to warn people about them.

    They took our belongings for an agreed price of £1,550 and once they had them they asked for an additional £2,662 claiming that the job was bigger than they anticipated.

    When we posted a negative review on line the head of their company Stuart Hall tried to buy our silence with a £250 partial refund which was never honoured.

    Avoid at all cost…


  2. Nic Stip says:

    Simpsons Removals: Do not entrust your precious possessions with these cowboys. The ultimate complaint – that we had items stolen- was preceded by and followed up with multiple errors and mistakes, and awful communication. I am not often moved to leave feedback but the failures by this company have been multiple and their attitude poor. I looked at a lot of reviews before deciding on Simpsons for my move to South Africa, as they seemed to have a good reputation and were a little cheaper than those with similar reputations. And I paid many times over for that decision…the movers were good but understaffed resulting in a chaotic end of move, items poorly labelled, overspill items repacked and new inventory (unsigned by myself) written from which valuable items went missing. Communication throughout has been poor, and I have been left frustrated and angry by the continuing list of mistakes


  3. Simpson says:

    Pearson Home Moving Review!! This is a comment on a move to Stockholm, Sweden, not Germany but the website does not allow me to choose this option!
    Pearsons were selected from the 3 companies we invited to quote for a £5000 value move. The move involved shipping one half of our house contents from Scotland to Sweden in the period December ’12 and January ’13. Pearsons quote was not the cheapest but the company were very responsive when quoting for the business which we provided detailed information on. On this basis, instead of staying with Crown who have provide overseas removal services to us very professionally in the past, we decided to give Peasons a chance. They promised a great deal until they won the business and it then gradually became apparent they had no intention of delivering on the promises. Pearsons subcontracted the surveyor work, the packing up work (to Pickfords) and a local move of a small volume of household contents from our existing apartment in Stockholm to a house in the city. All the sub-contactors were professional, courteous and customer focused. Pearsons on the other hand behaved as if our household goods were haulage rather than personal effects and became increasingly aggressive and unhelpful as we tried to liaise to esnure all ran as smoothly as possible given the time of year and weather etc. I think they believe that customer can be bullied into accepting poor service. After the move, I contacted the company”s senior directors – their website invites customers to do, to provide feedback. The director did not have the courtesy to acknowledge my correspondence but it did trigger yet more abusive and unpleasant contact from the staff who had already demonstrated lack of interest in providing any standard of service. There was a some damage of goods with the move and as the insurance had been arranged through Pearsons’s I had to contact them to progress this. It has taken over 5 months, a great deal of arguementative correspondence and consultation with the British Association of Removers to finally receive payment. The whole experience has been horrible. My previous experiences have been very different. I have found with good planning a move is quite a time consuming task but does not need to be stressful because removal companies know what they are doing and work with, not against, the customer. We are about to embark on moving the second half of our house contents in Scotland to Sweden. We have learnt our lesson and have gone back to Crown. I stronglyrecommend anyonecontemplating an overseas move does not use Pearsonss or UTS as they are also known. They are keen on sales but not on customer service!


  4. Simpson says:

    Simpsons Removals & Storage! was very disappointed with Simpsons removals. We booked them, used a shared container. I was told it would take 10-12 weeks for delivery. No where was I told at all it would take longer for any reason. This was the main reason I booked and used them because of the time frame. We moved from the uk to Canada. It is stressful moving at the best of times. I emailed regular and contacted them via email a lot, i never got a reply. I then emailed upper management and got a short and abrupt email back Telling me it was in consolidation amd i would be informed once it is on the ship. i was told in the email that there wasnt a time frame (even though i had NEVER got told it would take that long I was told 10-12 weeks!) I gave up emailing/contacting them as I never got a response. I found it horrendous! We finally got our items 8 months later. Absolutely disgraceful….. On the positive once our goods arrived in Canada I cannot fault the company used here (not simpsons!) they were fantastic, emailed regularly with updates.


  5. Chriss says:

    Never again. UK move was fine but removal to the States was horrendous. Passed on to a local company, given a single day to be available. If not available on that particular date, the agency (Contour) would not deliver for another 3 weeks – and I had to pay the storage feeds. In effect, be available on the date they choose or else! No choice, no time preference, no responses to emails. Terrible customer service.

    I have moved several times over the years and have never encountered such poor service.


  6. kent says:

    We booked Abel’s as its reputation seemed very good and we decided that for once, we would not go with a cheaper company, but rather with a higher end one so that we would be certain that all of our furniture and possessions were in good hands and to ease the load on ourselves as well (having just had a baby). When 4 men turned up, they presented very well and got to work right away. All seemed fine, although we did have to give them a few guide lines as to how we would want things packed (when they seemed obvious – such as packing cupboards so that the doors would not open in transport and to protect the white lacquer that they were made of). Eventually, they emptied the flat and all went pretty smoothly. They then took a break for lunch and when they got to our new flat, they had not called the building before (as we had instructed them to and they said they would) in order to understand that they had to use the back door and 2 lifts to reach our flat – so they pretty much gave up and said that they would not be able to complete the job that day and that they would store the items for us and charge us again for a delivery at a further date (at least a week later)?! They said that they had to leave at 5pm (when we had not been informed of this by the company before hand), and by that time it was already 2pm, so in the next 3 hours, they brought up a total of 5 pieces of furniture only(!), as they had given up, were no longer even trying and said that it would be impossible for 4 men to complete this job in such a small time frame. We told them that it was out of the question for them to leave with our furniture and boxes, and that we would consider it theft if they did. So all that they offered was to unload all of our goods in the garage and leave. (Luckily the building manager offered us a small storage space within the garage, so our goods were safe). We finally called our “cheaper” guys who came in on SUNDAY morning (as the move took place on friday), and in 2 hours, with only TWO men, they brought up everything! Not only did Abel’s charge over 2,000 pounds, but they did not complete their job and damaged almost every single piece of our furniture (our table and cupboards all have scratch marks or chips – they were brand new! And our sofa and bed had dirt marks all over as well. And our chairs had been bent so that they no longer sit flush onto the floor!). The only things that “survived” were the boxes that we had packed ourselves. I could not recommend this company less. I have never written any review prior to this, but wanted to make sure that no one else gets “cheated” or conned by them as we did.


  7. Anonymous says:

    abels international moving services ltd uk is a Total rubbish – very slow and unreliable – to make matters worse, parked their lorry in front of school zig zags the entire day and upset the whole community. Avoid.


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