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Movers World believe a proper review page will significantly reduce the risk of any unpleasant and sudden surprises by the movers. The creation of the page was inspired by the many horror moving stories out you see every day online. Our goal is to prevent as many bad moving experiences as possible, and at the same time, to support the Moving Companies that offer superior moving services. 
Help other people find their best moving provider by rating your mover. Our visitors use this website as a detailed catalog of the moving industry based on your moving experience. With your moving review you actively stimulate the moving companies to provide even better moving services. We hope that we have helped you the moving company customer to receive a better service from them.

In this site you can find a few people who had very bad experiences and they were dare enough to name them to shame. more than that it will be a great help for you today to finalize your mover. It is always better to use a professional company than a fly by night company.

we strongly believe that this was a useful we expect your feedback … please go ahead with your comments and experiences in few words it may help others to find the best mover.   

2 comments on “Why Reviews
  1. Jayanta Dhupal says:

    Hello Everybody,

    I am writing this post so that no other expat undergoes the same plight, mental and psychological harrassment that I have gone through in the last few months.
    All thanks to a fraud Packers & Movers company in Dubai called DYNAMIC STAR PACKING & STORAGE LLC.
    Considering the current unstable state in the job sector, me and my wife decided that we need to be prepared for any eventuality. Our son was getting into Class 10, and we feared that he might lose out on a year if something happens in the middle of the academic session.
    I therefore decided to send my family back to India, and accordingly I started making the preparations. The first step was to find a good school for my son in my home state of Orissa, and by God’s grace we found one in Bhubaneswar.
    Next was to send my household goods. I got quotes from many packers and movers, including from reputed international names, before deciding on this Dubai-based DYNAMIC STAR PACKING & STORAGE LLC, as per a friend’s advice. I also felt that DYNAMIC being an Indian company managed by Indians, my consignment would reach its destination smoothly without any hiccups.
    That was my BIGGEST BLUNDER. I never imagined I would be cheated by my own countrymen.
    My consignment was shipped out on June 15, 2016. The container reached India (Chennai Port) in the last week of July. I was asked by DYNAMIC’s India agent (MULTI MODAL SHIPPING SERVICES PVT LTD managed by one Captain Jaydev) to clear the Customs duty which I promptly did.
    As per the DOOR-TO-DOOR DELIVERY agreement with DYNAMIC, my goods were to be delivered at my home by July end. It’s been close to a month now.
    My wife has been waiting in distress, with an old and ailing mother, in a vacant house in Bhubaneswar, without even basic amenities like kitchen utensils, freeze or TV, but there’s no sign of my consignment yet.
    I have been running from pillar to post, calling up DYNAMIC people and their India agents MULTI MODAL SHIPPING, but have so far only received false assurances and promises, and outrageous sermons like “DON’T PANIC… THEY ARE ON THEIR WAY… YOUR GOODS WILL REACH YOUR PLACE SOON…”
    I have been told by their India agent Captain Jaidev that DYNAMIC owes them Rs 10 lakhs (54,000 UAE Dirhams approx), and unless he is paid that amount he won’t release my goods.
    My wife too called Captain Jaydev, pleading with him to release the goods as she is going through a lot of hardships because of that, but was bluntly told that he will sell my goods in the open market if he is not paid his pending dues by DYNAMIC.
    What is my fault? I have paid everything in advance, why then should me and my family made to suffer? I have worked in many parts of the world, have moved my goods many times before, but have never undergone such mental harassment in my life. All of this is already taking a toll on our health as well.
    My day begins with calls to DYNAMIC and pleading with their India agent and ends with more distress and uncertainty and agony. The owner/manager of DYNAMIC, a Keralite called Biju Sridharan, is a compulsive liar and cheat and a coward. Initially, he kept telling me that all the dues have been cleared and remitted to MULTI MODAL SHIPPING’s account and that the truck carrying my goods is already on its way, but after a few days, once he realised that his lies were exposed, he shamelessly ignores my phone calls, messages and emails.
    I have been forced to play the role of a negotiator between DYNAMIC and its Indian agent MULTI MODAL SHIPPING as I am now at their mercy. I am being compelled to plead and beg as my household goods, brought from my hard-earned money, are in their custody despite my clearing all their dues. All this because I made the blunder of believing in a company run my own countrymen.
    I want to warn everyone through this post not to deal with fraud movers & packers companies like DYNAMIC STAR PACKING & STORAGE LLC.
    They are not just a disgrace in the name of Indians, but are bringing a bad name to the UAE as well. More than that, people like Biju Sridharan (the so-called owner/manager of DYNAMIC) are a disgrace for Keralites too, a black stain on this hard-working race who are known for their honesty and integrity.
    There’s a limit to everything and I think companies like DYNAMIC STAR PACKING & STORAGE LLC (Address: 598, Street No. 55, Lavender Way, Dubai; Landline +971 48851556) have crossed all limits in cheating unsuspecting and gullible customers. I am sure I am not the only one, and there will be several other helpless souls like me across the UAE who have been cheated and harrassed by them.
    Don’t fall for such dubious companies even if they offer to move your goods dirt cheap. Always go for a reputed name.
    Through this post, I also appeal to all those who have been affected in a similar way to come forward and share their plights. May be we can all wage a joint battle in a legal way to stop this so that other expats do not fall into the trap of such companies.


  2. On may 2016, we moved from Hamburg (Germany) to Shanghai (China). I asked at least 7 different companies for quote to compare and among them I chose Froesch from Berlin. They were the second more expensive one, really expensive, more than 1000€ difference with the others, but since I wanted to have a serious and trustfull company, I chose them. Big mistake.
    The commercial responsible for our contract was really fast and efficient (for sure!!! they are just rying to get your money!). They work with a partner ompany in Hamburg, so they send a representative to check on our stuff, he measure and also we asked him what whe should not bring to China for what he mentioned that alcohol and food, for the rest h said that personal items should not pay any import duties. We had the possibilitiy of selling some of our furniture in Hamburg but we didn`t since we were already paying for a full container and having and extra bed will not hurts.
    The movers arrived on time, they were a team of 5 and the packing was fast and smooth but that was the only smooth thing about my moving. 15 minutes after the truck left our house and when the cleaning lady arrived, we reallized that the person that was supposed to pack the kitched left a complete drawer unpacked, we had in there kitchen appliences like blender, sandwich maker, hand mixer, etc, one more big box. I inmediatelly called the commercial representative (Gabriel Durch) to see what to do and he forwarded me to the moving manager(Maximilian Bunde) beciase he was the responsible for the moving. The guy told me tht he will send mails to the peple in Hamburg to see what could be done. In my opinion in this cases what you need to do is to pick up the phone and call and get a solution right away and not wat for a mail reply and the forward more mails. After getting mad he finilly decided to pick the phone and call and he told me that the next day someone was coming to pick the missing items.
    We arruved in Shanghai and waited for our moving to arrive. We got in contact with the chinese partner from Froesch and she told us that customs clear in China will take normally 15 days. After the container arrived we were advise that my husband needed to customs office since our boxes were not porperly label and customs agent requested him to be in person for inspection. According to chinese partner all the boxes need to be label with the name of the owner, according to froesch that is not true? who to believe?, no matter what Froesch said, my husband needed to spend 1 morning out of the office (new job) to deal with this.
    After we had green light for delivering our goods, the chinese partner told us that we needed to pay import taxes and overstay. WHAT???? import taxes for a sofa, and electronic devices such as music stereo and speakers, videocamera, matress and a bike. Big surprise that we needed to pay 1000€ in addition for the import taxes of these PERSONAL BELONGINS!!! moreover considering that we were told in hamburg that ther was no import taxes for personal belongings. For sure if we were advised before we would get rid of these things and with the money we could get for them and the 1000€ for sure were would be able to replace them in China. Off course when I complaint no one said anything, normal! they just put the problem on your side since the price never cover the import taxes.
    Also they wante to charge us for demurrage, which basically means an overstay in the port due to a quarentine or any unnormal situation that makes customs agent hold your shipment. It turns out that in Shanghai the normal timing at port is 15 days but Froesch contract only covers you for 7 days!!! and they expect you to pay for an overstay of one week when they were supposed to know from the very begining thet timing in shanghai port and if they are not covering it they should advise you in advance of this, but no!!! come one who cares !!! it is your money. At the end I refused to pay for this since I was supposed to be cover for the normal transit in the port.

    Next step, the remain box in Germany, after 2 months that our thigs were picked up, they came back to me saying that they found a way to ship the box, by sea and I that I needed to wait 2 more months for it, becuase the guy that was rsponsible for packing the kitchen said that I asked him to not pack it, obviously lieing just to protect his ass becuase he dd a really lame job. I discussed with them that it was not my fault that the guy was lieing and that they needed to ship the box by air. And the response! agin the same thing, they believed more to the mover rather than me, but obviously becuase it is cheper for them not to say free. They are taking the opportunity of another move (another innocent family paying for a conteiner with this umprofessional company and they are putting my box inside their conteiner!! ( I am sure that the other party is not even aware of this, if it will be my case I will never accept to have someone else box in the container I am paying, how knows what is inside!! so becuase of someone else mistake we will have to wait 5 months for a blender becuase theu will ship it almost 3 months after our arrival in China.

    Finally the insurance, we got some plates broken and a toilet mirror, the ikea one with 2 sides that cost around 6 euros. My total claim was for no more than 18€ considering we insures our goods for 12000€, at this point the insurance have not cnfirmed that they will pay the mirrir becuase there was no mirror on the list. I told them that sicne it is a small mirror we include it in the toileteries field. So imagine if this is the situation for a 6€ mirror, imagine for a real expensive thing.
    My advise, don`t use this people for a moving, they are only seriour when it comes to sell you the offer, for the other they will not be responsible for any roblem you may have, everything will be up t you and your money for sure, so go for a cheap one and for sure since you will have problems for sure with every single company but at least you will have more of your budget to cover this problems. Also if you are having a container check it before the packing starts so they you will not get someone´s elses stuff in your container.
    Be aware that of the lack of information from their side that will only be against you. Re think again if you want to move with this people.


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