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Simply adding your moving reviews will help many customers select the best movers based on your mover’s ratings.  Write movers review today no matter if it is a bad moving review or an excellent mover’s review.Publish your comments, testimonials, complaints and consumer reports.

  • You should write a movers review after you are done dealing with the movers. Submit only one review per move 
  • You must have been a customer of the moving company you are reviewing.
  • Moving companies and their employees may NOT submit reviews under any circumstances, even by request of a customer.
  • This is not an anonymous service. You, as the poster of the review, are responsible for the content of your review. False information will result in your review removal.

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41 comments on “Moving Reviewes
  1. abdul says:

    How much per kg for cargo


  2. farhan says:

    I want send same cloth Indonesia can possible


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