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4 comments on “United States
  1. السلام عليكم اريد الإفادة انا لى شحنة من امريكا تبع جلوبال انترناشيونال دفتت الفلوس عشان توصل قطر عن طريق الكاميرون ترنسيت ولكن بريد الكاميرون طلب منى دفع فلوي تأمين الشحنه وسوف ترد الفلوس لى مره ثانيه هل الكلام ده صح


  2. David says:

    I have recently shipped goods from New York City to Europe using Crown Relocations. Their service was my worst nightmare and I have been trying to find a forum to voice my concerns.

    Do not use this company unless you want unreliable service, delayed delivery, your questions left unanswered and a team of customer service people lying into your face!


  3. Kara Smith says:

    I hired this moving company (Master Movers in Indianapolis IN) because they offered free furniture protection. My appointment was scheduled for 4pm. The movers showed up at 10:30pm on a 19 degree night in February. They had me sign a stack of papers before they would start moving my stuff. They had been moving furniture since 8am that day and were tired and rushing to move my stuff. I did not see them use any kind of furniture protection, yet they charged me for rolls of tape. The move ended at 1am with my furniture moved into a storage unit to stage my house for sale. I went to the storage unit the next day to check my furniture, and there were scratches and huge gouges in several of my nice big furniture pieces. I immediately called to report the damage and sent pictures. I got the runaround for months and eventually they sent me furniture colored pens in the mail and told me that was all they were willing to do.


  4. I am writing about Ace Worldwide Moving and StorageCompany in Fallsington, PA. We hired them for a local move on 9/18/14. The pickup went well enough, but not so for the delivery. We did not notice all of the damage at first due to the long day. Walls were scuffed, drywall damaged, a door frame was damaged. Furniture and floors were scratched. The moving company sent out a furniture company to
    document the damage and I filled out and sent back a claim form. It is now January 15, 2015 and no one has answered our phone calls and e-mails. DO NOT USE THIS MOVING COMPANY!


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