Confern Moebeltransport GmbH Mannheim Germany
Confido Gruppe Krefeld Germany
Crown Worldwide Movers GmbH Frankfurt Germany
Crown Worldwide Movers GmbH Nurnberg Germany
D M S – Internation Bonn Germany
David Blaz Spedition Ltd. Frankfurt Germany
DMS-Int`l Deutsche Mobelspedition GmbH & Co. KG Bonn Germany
Donath International Frankfurt Germany
E. M. A. European Moving Association GmbH Offenbach Germany
Eduard Loehle Sen. GmbH Stuttgart Germany
Ernst BeiBner GmbH & Co. KG, Int’l Removal Forwarder Hannover Germany
Euromovers Deutschland GmbH Bonn Germany
Express Transport Shipping Agency Bremen Germany
F.W. Deus GmbH & Co. KG Oldenburg Germany
F.W. Neukirch (GmbH & Co.) KG Bremen Germany
Focus Moving Logistics Kelsterbach Germany
Focus Moving Umzugslogistik GmbH Grobbeeren Germany
Friedrich Kurz GmbH Wetzlar Germany
Froesch GmbH Grossbeeren Germany

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partners - 3-10-2013

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