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ISS Worldwide Movers ISS
Southeast Movers Logo-2
Bridge Way Relocation bridgeway
 Leader Relocation leader
 Dynamic Movers Dynamic Movers
 APS International
Elite Shipping
Atlas Movers Packing LLC
Union Movers
City Wide Logistics (fzc)
Apple International Movers
HEB International Logistics
E Movers
Zuhal Pack International
Alfa Relocations
AMI Movers
Delmon Star Freight & International Movers llc
First Gulf Shipping L.L.C.
Relogulf – The Moving Company
A-Gulf Loyal Cargo and Packing Services L.L.C
Abu Dhabi Shipping Agency LLC
Ahmed Saleh Packing & Forwarding Est.
Al Naboodah Cargo Centre (L.L.C.)
Allied Movers Dubai
Allied Pickfords LLC
Arabian Gulf Cargo Services Co
Ayfret Cargo And Transport
Barwil Freight & Logistics
Best Home Pack & Move Services
Best Home Pack & Move Services
Capital One Shipping and Logisitcs
Compass Ocean Logistics
Cross Link Shipping LLC
Crown Relocations
CSS Homeward Bound
DASA International Movers
DCFC Shipping and Forwarding Services
Eleanor Cargo Packing – Dubai U.A.E
Euro Trans Shipping L.L.C.
Freight International Inc.
Interem (Int’l Removals Div. of Freight, System co. Ltd.
ISS Worldwide Movers
kanan cargo l.l.c world wide cargo service
Kays Worldwide Logistics LLC
Mac World Logistic
mkn packing and moving services
Move One Relocations
movers and packers
Movers Packaging & Cargo
Multitrans Logistics LLC
 Quick movers and packers LLC
Rais Hassan Saadi Group
RTW Shipping L.L.C
salah al nasser transportation
secpac global
Strategic Freight Logistics (L.L.C.)
sunrise movers shiffters relocations L.L.C
Swift Freight International LLC
Thames Shipping
Tigris International Movers
Trium Logistics LLC
WRAP IT Movers Dubai

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14 comments on “Dubai Moving Companies
  1. Irina says:

    I used APS Relocations on my move from Dubai to Newcastle UK. My relocation agent was Bharat Iyer. He came to my house to assess the contents and give me a quote. I made sure to ask if my furniture would be reassembled in Newcastle, and he assured me that it would be as stated in the contract. The container was packed in Dubai with no issues at all, was delivered to Newcastle without delays, and then my troubles started. Apparently the contract that Bharat signed with his U.K. partners (IMove) had nothing in common with what he promised me. He opted for the cheapest version, which only included unloading the container (not unpacking, not unwrapping, not reassembling the furniture, and not removing the debris). Bharat was not answering emails from me or from his British colleagues. Now I have finally got through to him, his excuse is that my house is too far from London and that it will not cost me too much to hire a handyman. At the end of this ordeal, I had to pay extra for my hotel accommodation as I was unable to move into my house as planned, and for hiring a handyman to assemble the beds. Avoid at all costs!


  2. Adel Hammouda says:

    Dynamic movers or calling themselves “Dynamic Star Packing & Storage L.L.C” are impostors and crooks. They offered me an attractive price from Abu Dhabi to Canada. The shipment was delayed for more than 90 days when they promised it should arrive in a month or two. They didn’t pay their agent in Canada who refused to deliver my shipment until either they pay or I pay and get reimbursed from Dynamic Movers. Of course I had to pay around $2000 to release my shipment and kept calling the movers in Dubai to collect my money. They started with a regrettable tone for what happened and day after day they completed ignored my issue and never answered my calls. I found out that this companies is used to steel people around the world using the same evil tactic. This is their official website :


  3. Hayssam Balach says:

    I used AGS. They quoted higher than others and unfortunately we chose them as we thought they they would do better. We paid for a full service (dismantle, pack, load, ship, deliver, unload, unpack, assemble and get rid of debris). They unfortunately, only delivered. We were left hanging with more than 80 unopened boxes, unassembled furniture, missing or damaged furnitures. We have 2 kids that will start school in 2 days and had absolutely no help. They would not answer our emails or calls that day. When they did, they shifted the blame onto their subcontractor (they operate in limited countries; therefore, they have someone else deliver at your destination). Later they shifted the blame to us and said that AGS made a mistake when they told us (in writing) they would assemble (they said that they meant only one bed and one table, no kidding). They asked us to file an insurance claim for the damaged pieces within 7 working days. We hurried doing it. However, that claim went into the AGS black hole. No response from AGS since. You should never ever chose them. Nothing that they give you in writing is a guarantee as they would claim later that they made a mistake making such a promise. Imagine being in another country and must hire a lawyer in Dubai to deal with them (yet more cost) because that is where we are now. DON’T use AGS.


  4. Jayanta Dhupal says:

    Hello Everybody,

    I am writing this post so that no other expat undergoes the same plight, mental and psychological harrassment that I have gone through in the last few months.
    All thanks to a fraud Packers & Movers company in Dubai called DYNAMIC STAR PACKING & STORAGE LLC.
    Considering the current unstable state in the job sector, me and my wife decided that we need to be prepared for any eventuality. Our son was getting into Class 10, and we feared that he might lose out on a year if something happens in the middle of the academic session.
    I therefore decided to send my family back to India, and accordingly I started making the preparations. The first step was to find a good school for my son in my home state of Orissa, and by God’s grace we found one in Bhubaneswar.
    Next was to send my household goods. I got quotes from many packers and movers, including from reputed international names, before deciding on this Dubai-based DYNAMIC STAR PACKING & STORAGE LLC, as per a friend’s advice. I also felt that DYNAMIC being an Indian company managed by Indians, my consignment would reach its destination smoothly without any hiccups.
    That was my BIGGEST BLUNDER. I never imagined I would be cheated by my own countrymen.
    My consignment was shipped out on June 15, 2016. The container reached India (Chennai Port) in the last week of July. I was asked by DYNAMIC’s India agent (MULTI MODAL SHIPPING SERVICES PVT LTD managed by one Captain Jaydev) to clear the Customs duty which I promptly did.
    As per the DOOR-TO-DOOR DELIVERY agreement with DYNAMIC, my goods were to be delivered at my home by July end. It’s been close to a month now.
    My wife has been waiting in distress, with an old and ailing mother, in a vacant house in Bhubaneswar, without even basic amenities like kitchen utensils, freeze or TV, but there’s no sign of my consignment yet.
    I have been running from pillar to post, calling up DYNAMIC people and their India agents MULTI MODAL SHIPPING, but have so far only received false assurances and promises, and outrageous sermons like “DON’T PANIC… THEY ARE ON THEIR WAY… YOUR GOODS WILL REACH YOUR PLACE SOON…”
    I have been told by their India agent Captain Jaidev that DYNAMIC owes them Rs 10 lakhs (54,000 UAE Dirhams approx), and unless he is paid that amount he won’t release my goods.
    My wife too called Captain Jaydev, pleading with him to release the goods as she is going through a lot of hardships because of that, but was bluntly told that he will sell my goods in the open market if he is not paid his pending dues by DYNAMIC.
    What is my fault? I have paid everything in advance, why then should me and my family made to suffer? I have worked in many parts of the world, have moved my goods many times before, but have never undergone such mental harassment in my life. All of this is already taking a toll on our health as well.
    My day begins with calls to DYNAMIC and pleading with their India agent and ends with more distress and uncertainty and agony. The owner/manager of DYNAMIC, a Keralite called Biju Sridharan, is a compulsive liar and cheat and a coward. Initially, he kept telling me that all the dues have been cleared and remitted to MULTI MODAL SHIPPING’s account and that the truck carrying my goods is already on its way, but after a few days, once he realised that his lies were exposed, he shamelessly ignores my phone calls, messages and emails.
    I have been forced to play the role of a negotiator between DYNAMIC and its Indian agent MULTI MODAL SHIPPING as I am now at their mercy. I am being compelled to plead and beg as my household goods, brought from my hard-earned money, are in their custody despite my clearing all their dues. All this because I made the blunder of believing in a company run my own countrymen.
    I want to warn everyone through this post not to deal with fraud movers & packers companies like DYNAMIC STAR PACKING & STORAGE LLC.
    They are not just a disgrace in the name of Indians, but are bringing a bad name to the UAE as well. More than that, people like Biju Sridharan (the so-called owner/manager of DYNAMIC) are a disgrace for Keralites too, a black stain on this hard-working race who are known for their honesty and integrity.
    There’s a limit to everything and I think companies like DYNAMIC STAR PACKING & STORAGE LLC (Address: 598, Street No. 55, Lavender Way, Dubai; Landline +971 48851556) have crossed all limits in cheating unsuspecting and gullible customers. I am sure I am not the only one, and there will be several other helpless souls like me across the UAE who have been cheated and harrassed by them.
    Don’t fall for such dubious companies even if they offer to move your goods dirt cheap. Always go for a reputed name.
    Through this post, I also appeal to all those who have been affected in a similar way to come forward and share their plights. May be we can all wage a joint battle in a legal way to stop this so that other expats do not fall into the trap of such companies.


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