Moving to Canada from Dubai


Moving to Canada? We know that you are excited about your new destination or dream come true ….  but there is just so much to do and get prepared for your Move .

  • Shipping furniture to Canada from Dubai  is advisable  ?  Furniture is cheaper in Dubai  or in Canada?

Most of the international brands like Crate& Barrel ,Pottery Barn or Ikea are in Dubai and Canada . Before you move to  Canada check the website for price difference ,as you know Dubai is tax free city , it can be expensive in Canada.

  • Electrical items , like blenders, juicers which i bought from Dubai will works in Canada ?

Canada  Uses 110 volt,   Most Asian countries including Dubai are using 220/230 Volts.

Some small electronic items are dual voltage (Universal) TV,Laptop, mobile chargers , Camera Charger  and nebulizer ..etc are 110 volts-220 (Check the voltage of each appliance) which means it can be used there in Canada without using voltage adapter or regulator . You may need a plug adapter for the outlet since here in UAE is 3 gang and Canada its 2 gang flat type.  .

  • Plug mainly used in the USA, Canada, Mexico & Japan

electricity-tiles-type-B-200-px electricity-tiles-type-A-200-px

  • Plug Mainly used in the UAE ,United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta, Malaysia & Singapore and other countries




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These are few enquiries from people who is going to move to Canada , if you have some thing like that please comment  ,expert will answer you .



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2 comments on “Moving to Canada from Dubai
  1. Sally Asha says:

    I am looking for a company to move a few boxes to Ottawa/ Canada from Abu Dhabi. Can you recommend any?


  2. Annie G. says:

    I am on the same stage so I feel you! Good luck with everything!


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