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43 comments on “Moving Reviews
  1. Chung Yoke says:

    we are planing to Move from Singapore to Dubai in a short time can anyone advice a good moving company who can help us for a door to door service?


  2. Cynthia says:

    I am moving from Canada and would be shipping my stuff (furniture, clothing, bedding/linens, books, crockery, cutlery etc). Can anyone please tell me how much would it cost me from the Doha port, Customs etc to delivery of goods to my house?
    I would really appreciate the response.


  3. Quintus Pillai - says:

    I recently used SECPAC removals to transfer my household goods to a new Apartment. The staff were friendly and helpful but what surprised me most that the Removals guys came on time. They were trustworthy and completed the move in a very quick time.

    I will personally recommend SECPAC as a Good, Reliable and Efficient company to do business with. Finally, their cost in relation to the Service was attractive. No broken items and they left and unpacked in my new apartment without leaving any dirt.

    Thank you SECPAC.



  4. Chacko says:

    Want send cargo to India can some one offer me a good rate?


  5. Ahmed Khan says:

    what is the best container rate to Karachi


  6. Peter says:

    I want to send 100 Kg cargo to Paris…


  7. Peter says:

    Can anyone help me to get a cargo and shipping service to Larnaca, Cypress


  8. Gerald tan says:

    gerald tan

    i used Bridgeway Reolcations who promised crate packing for my fragile art sculptures during the assessment/survey, however crate packing was not done and 2 of my 8 sculptures arrived broken. The sales person claimed it would have cost more for crate packing and said he would have included it into the quote, however it was assured to me during his visit that they would pay special attention to the packing of these sculptures, having acquired many years of experience moving similar items for art galleries. He even name-dropped my country’s consulate as a satisfied customer.
    The unpackers at destination were also shocked to learn that it was not packed in crates at loading point.
    When i reported the damage to Bridgeway, there was alot of finger pointing and denying about who said what.
    The only good thing that came out of it was my insurance payout which got paid within 3 weeks of my report of, which i can only credit myself for. imagine if i did not insure it!


  9. Tim says:

    I have used a Dubai based company to send my cargo London just because they offered me the cheapest rate among 6 other companies. They promised me 30 days transit time but even after 90 days the cargo didn’t come to London, I have checked with the Agent in London , but from the agent I came to know that they have no clue about this Dubai company.. when a friend of mine who live in Dubai checked about that crook company in Dubai there is no office… the call was diverted to a mobile and he didn’t even gave a proper answer. After much pain and agony I have got my cargo spending a lot of money , telephone , and storage charges finally I spent more than the double amount of other companies offered me……….


  10. Derek says:

    I had used the services of ——– Shipping for packaging and moving my stuff from UAE to another country. Upon reaching my home country when I opened the boxes, expensive electronic items were missing from the shipment and glass items were broken.
    The staff was initially rude and later did not attend to my calls or emails as I had left UAE.
    PLease do not use their services because:
    1. they are much more expensive than other such firms in the market
    2. they are crooks who steal items of value and do not respond once the person leaves the country


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